Robot Brains in Robot Bodies

Robot Brains in Robot Bodies – Live from MAGFest 13!

This live recording from MAGFest 13 features Juese, Dave, Ben, Darrin DeMarco, six (6) owls, Richard Durham, Sean Lewis, and Caveman Juese. Listen as we talk about virtual reality, running a business, and making video games. Thank you to everyone that came to see the live show!


Robot Brains in Robot Bodies – Episode 12/9/2014

We bring you (finally) a new episode of Robot Brains in Robot Bodies. We are sorry for the lack of episodes. I got married and temporarily forgot how to podcast. But with Juese’s help, using his hands on top of mine like a nerdier version of Ghost, we got back into the groove and we bring you our latest episode with special guest Sean Marciniak!


We have an Import!

Juese, Ben, and sometimes Steve are joined by the elusive Richard Durham who came back to the states for a bit from his new home in New Zealand!

This episode is filled with some good Rich stories as well as some good ol’ fashioned improvisation!