Triple Raidio


We claw out of winters grasp so Dave can…mostly listen to what Tim has been playing…which is a lot, including the Switch and Breathe of the Wild!



In our first podcast recorded in 2017, Tim and Dave catch up on MAGFest, what we’ve been playing and of course, the big Nintendo Switch reveal from last week.


Blank of the Year 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Fat Gatsby Blank of the Year Awards. Join Tim, Juese, Dave and special guests pappy and Mackenzie Lambert as we do a deep dive into all the things we loved and hated in our 2016 media consumption travels.




Rogue One

Tim and Juese dish their thoughts on Rogue One. Spoilers incoming!



It’s been a minute friends. Thanks for hanging around and circling back. After a 3(!) month absence Dave and Tim managed to get a couple of microphones together and catch up on what we’ve been playing. Hopefully we’ll be able to get this old podcast machine cranking again!


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