Dave has been imprisoned for his callous treatment of household animals so it’s up to Tim and Juese to hold down the fort in his absence. Notable features include Tim not realizing his audio was coming from his webcam and also having to remember how to edit a podcast. But we talk a bit about

What are some of the things we talk about this month? Here ya go!Dave got a cat!X-Men ’97Dune Part 2Love Lies BleedingMars After MidnightPrincess Peach ShowtimePrince of Persia: Lost CrownEmulation and old gamesFinal Fantasy RebirthHelldivers 2Super Mario RPG

Welcome to our new podcast where we do nothing but talk about Transformers! And show them on camera! It’s all Transformers all the time*! So get ready to ROLL OUT with the TripleRaidio crew as we TRANSFORM this podcast into a toy show * we move on from Transformers after the first few minutes and

Escape from the summer heat with the latest episode of TripleRaidio! We’re ready to weigh in on Barbie, Oppenheimer and a bevy of other July movies, plus 20 minutes of Strange New Worlds discussion and Tim has actually finished Tears of the Kingdom!

We had to take a month off due to vacations and the general business of June and there’s A LOT to catch up on. One of the biggest months in games history featuring Street Fighter 6, Diablo IV and Final Fantasy XVI and we all saw that Across the Spiderverse movie! Oh, and more Zelda.