The Playstation Classic is officially a thing! Sony announced 5 games coming to it’s new micro-console but that leaves 15 games worth of debate from Tim and Dave. What games do we think will be on the console? Which games should be but will probably make the cut? And what about Incredible Crisis? Come on

Hammond is here! Hammond has been here. The Wrecking Ball has been unleashed on the Competitive ladder along with a slew of balance changes. Plus Tim and Mahoney recap the Overwatch League Playoffs!

We recorded this about a month ago when Mahoney was fresh off a trip to see the Overwatch League live and in person. Now with the play offs about to starts, get his first hand, highly enthusiastic impressions from his visit to the Overwatch Arena in California.

Easter approaching means rabbit and rabbit imagery are everywhere. Our resident Mother of Bunnies has wisdom regarding bunny ownership, the pitfalls of rabbits as gifts and other good conservation info as we head into the spring and summer months. Tim is also present.