We recorded this about a month ago when Mahoney was fresh off a trip to see the Overwatch League live and in person. Now with the play offs about to starts, get his first hand, highly enthusiastic impressions from his visit to the Overwatch Arena in California.

Easter approaching means rabbit and rabbit imagery are everywhere. Our resident Mother of Bunnies has wisdom regarding bunny ownership, the pitfalls of rabbits as gifts and other good conservation info as we head into the spring and summer months. Tim is also present.

Having you been watching the Overwatch League? Well, Mahoney has! In fact, he’s watching it right now, on this very podcast. Join a very distracted Mahoney and a less distracted Tim as we talk about OWL, recent balance changes, and, of course, Brigette!

TripleRaidio is back to ring in the new year in timely two-month-late fashion. Join Tim and Dave as we talk fixing Game Boys, DBFighterZ, the majesty of Black Panther and a few more words on The Last Jedi.

This month, Tina and Tim talk about their personal creative processes including how they come up for ideas for different projects, pushing through slump and giving and receiving criticism. Thanks for listening!