I’m gonna be straight with you. About an hour of this show is just Tears of the Kingdom discussion. Around the edges we do get in some other game talk and Tim and Juese have seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3!

It’s our podcast 15th anniversary. Sort of. It wasn’t always called TripleRaidio but we’ve been doing this for a loooooong time. Speaking of things that take a long time, Dave has some things to say about the final season of Picard, we discuss the merits of the Super Mario Bros Movie and more!

It’s your monthly dose of pop culture nerd talk. This month we cover Chained Echoes, The Last of Us, unexpected Monster Hunter appearances and a lot of about the latest season of Star Trek Picard!

Recorded live on Twitch.tv on February 27, 2023 Even the best efforts of Western New York weather couldn’t stop us from getting an episode in for February! This month we talk about the glory of Metroid Prime, analyze HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us and the ups and downs of Star Trek Picard.

It’s the first new pod of the year and the FIRST thing we need to do is catch up on everything that went down at Super MAGFest 2023. The SECOND thing we need to do is catch up on a few odds and ends that we didn’t get to in 2022. The THIRD thing…cookies!

And TODAY, I learned that when I was remembering to upload the August episode, I forgot to upload the October episode. I am NOT good at this. Now I’m going to wrap this up and go post the November episode before I forget. Good gravy.

COVID has swept over Tim’s house this month which made plenty of time to play games but unfortunately NOT time to watch Strange New Worlds like Dave and Juese have. Plus discussing the future of the MCU since all that news just dropped the night before.