It’s the first new pod of the year and the FIRST thing we need to do is catch up on everything that went down at Super MAGFest 2023. The SECOND thing we need to do is catch up on a few odds and ends that we didn’t get to in 2022. The THIRD thing…cookies!

And TODAY, I learned that when I was remembering to upload the August episode, I forgot to upload the October episode. I am NOT good at this. Now I’m going to wrap this up and go post the November episode before I forget. Good gravy.

COVID has swept over Tim’s house this month which made plenty of time to play games but unfortunately NOT time to watch Strange New Worlds like Dave and Juese have. Plus discussing the future of the MCU since all that news just dropped the night before.

As April comes to and end, there has been no better time to join Twitter! At least if you’re a voice actor who did work for a high profile video game in the past week. Plus Tim has played more Elden Ring, Juese has seen every movie that Tim WANTS to see and Dave talks