Tim and Dave pick up the torch of podcasting once more to rapidly catch up on what they’ve been playing the past few months. Including talk on Zelda, Persona 5, Nier, children and delicious Raspberry Pi.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Fat Gatsby Blank of the Year Awards. Join Tim, Juese, Dave and special guests pappy and Mackenzie Lambert as we do a deep dive into all the things we loved and hated in our 2016 media consumption travels.    

It’s been a minute friends. Thanks for hanging around and circling back. After a 3(!) month absence Dave and Tim managed to get a couple of microphones together and catch up on what we’ve been playing. Hopefully we’ll be able to get this old podcast machine cranking again!

Holy crap where does the time go. In the midst of E3 we didn’t get the chance to record a “normal” TripleRaidio so here we are, having not spoke in almost two months. There’s lots to catch up on including console purchases, Steam sales, and Pokemon Go GO GO!!!!