We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk with a few of the great indie developers who had their games on display at MAGFest this year. Enjoy our interviews with the creators and then click through these links to see more about Aerobat, Flamberge, and Pixel Noir.

It’s been a couple weeks since MAGFest and despite being ravaged by MAGFlu and the never-ending Buffalo winter the boys have managed to scrape themselves together for a heart-stopping TripleRaidio! Mass Effect 2’s 5 year anniversary, dat Persona 5 trailer and something about a live-action Zelda series are all on deck for discussion.

Turns out we talked to a lot of folks while we were at MAGFest! In the first of three podcasts featuring interviews from M13, we talk to writer Robert V Aldrich, artist Maximo Lorenzo, and Ben and Anne Howard, the brains and brawn (and beauty!) behind Fizzman Industries.