Mahoney has once again joined forces with the Fat Gatsby crew, this time to take a trip to Rochester’s own Strong Museum of Play. After an afternoon at the museum we all plopped down around the podcasting campfire to talk about everything we saw and played while we were there.

Tim and Juese are back at the movies, this time to see Marvel’s Ant Man! How does the latest offering stack up to the ever-growing Marvel movie catalog? Will we ever stop wishing we lived in a world where Edgar Wright got to direct this movie? Find out true believers!

Back in our X-strike podcast┬ádays we did up a big podcast declaring our top 10 games of all time. In this episode of FG TripleRaidio, we revisit our lists 5 years later and see how our feelings have changed. You can check out the full version of our original picks here: XSSP-100 – The Final