Finally, it’s come to this. The first every Fat Gatsby Blank of the Year awards show is here! Tim and Juese are joined by a couple of special guests to talk about what was good and a bit of what was bad in the world of video games and movies in the year 2014. See

Darrin DeMarco showed up for the holidays and he’s set a feast of Final Fantasy IV speed-run knowledge for Ben and Tim. We also serve up a healthy dose of what we’ve been playing lately and preview a bit of what you can expect at MAGFest 13 in January!

Virginia has found here way over from Casual Comics to join Tim, Juese and Ben for this weeks TripleRaidio. We chat it up about Mario Kart DLC, Birdman, Minecraft, Blizzard announcements, a bunch of listener questions and do our best to not keep diverting the conversation to comic books.