Baptiste! We were planning on taking the week off but when Blizzards drops a new hero and a TON of balance changes onto the PTR AND we both happen to be free on a Tuesday night, we had to drop our thoughts into the old pod.

Hammond is here! Hammond has been here. The Wrecking Ball has been unleashed on the Competitive ladder along with a slew of balance changes. Plus Tim and Mahoney recap the Overwatch League Playoffs!

We recorded this about a month ago when Mahoney was fresh off a trip to see the Overwatch League live and in person. Now with the play offs about to starts, get his first hand, highly enthusiastic impressions from his visit to the Overwatch Arena in California.

Having you been watching the Overwatch League? Well, Mahoney has! In fact, he’s watching it right now, on this very podcast. Join a very distracted Mahoney and a less distracted Tim as we talk about OWL, recent balance changes, and, of course, Brigette!

So yeah, it’s been a while. But the Badger and Bull boys are back to get caught up on what’s been going on with Overwatch in the past 5 months and maybe chat a little bit about this PUBG game that everyone is talking about.

Overwatch Uprising is upon us! The Badger and Bull talk about the new story event, check back on the impact of recent balance changes and talk about how the SR grind has been going with Competitive Season 4.