Who has a bunch of old games in their house? Do you? Do you have any idea what they’re worth? Well Tim and Dave decided to find out how much some of their stuff was worth and share some of the more surprising revelations that they found along the way.

Last year the UK-based RetroGamer magazine hit issue 150 and celebrated that milestone with a top 150 games list as voted by their readership. Tim and Dave decided to look over the list and take a peek into what games mattered more to our European gamer brothers and sisters.

Dragon Quest Builders? But that just came out! It did but this recent release to celebrate 30 years of Dragon Quest holds a secret – it’s actually a direct sequel to the original NES Dragon Warrior! Tim and Dave talk about the link between the two games, wax nostalgic about the original Dragon Quest and

Last week Nintendo announced a NEW console for this holiday season. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the NES hardware the big N is putting out an NES replica plug-and-play console with 30 games built-in. Is this piece of hardware worth your hard earned dollar? How good is the games list? What is really going