Back at MAGFest Tim picked up a couple of Famicom Kunio-kun games. Tim and Dave talk a bit about the installments in the series that saw an American release and then explore a few of the awesome games we never got!

A while back there was an article going around about a man who forcibly guided his son through the history of video games from past to present. This us to ask ourselves what games we would use to present the medium to someone totally new. In this episode of GofP Dave presents his list of games in the form of

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Dave and Tim did a mini “Blank of” awards in an attempt to tread a bit of ground regarding their favorite system that hasn’t been quite so well worn. Just in case anyone would like to check out our classic TripleRaidio Top 5 NES podcast

So…this podcast is a bit dated…more than usual. We recorded this back in July but it didn’t make it up as some other more timely topics came up. Anyway, Juese joins Tim and Dave to talk about the lengthy and awesome history of classic game compilations.