Tim and Juese are back at the movies, this time to see Marvel’s Ant Man! How does the latest offering stack up to the ever-growing Marvel movie catalog? Will we ever stop wishing we lived in a world where Edgar Wright got to direct this movie? Find out true believers!

Juese and Tim have seen Age of Ultron but so has most everybody at this point. If you haven’t though, this may not be the podcast for you as we go into spoilerrific detail about the movie and what we thought of it? Good? Bad? Just okay? Find out!

Tim locks up with Darrin DeMarco in the Triple Threat Wrestlemania preview you’ve been waiting for! We go over the full line up of the biggest wrestling event of the year, make some bold predictions and complain about WWE should have done everything better because that’s what wrestling fans do.

Fat Gatsby is proud to present the first episode of Casual Comics, a podcast we hope to be a good listen for folks with a passing interest in comic books, right up to those with boxes and boxes of comics in their house. To start things off Tim, Juese and Virginia give an overview of

It’s our first Fat Gatsby One Shot! One Shots will feature us talking about one specific game, movie or other piece of media interest. This week Juese and Tim talk about the recently released Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS. Turns out it’s pretty good!